Hiding associated html elements when SharePoint field is empty

by zebsadiq 29. January 2013 08:30

This server control will help you hide html elements which shouldn’t display in ‘display mode’ if a certain SharePoint field is empty. This must be a common requirement amongst most SharePoint projects so I’m surprised that I haven’t covered this earlier as its not commonly documented elsewhere. More...

Automatic WCF web service binding via http or https

by zebsadiq 19. May 2011 10:13

I recently needed a way to be able to deploy a web service project to different environments, where each environment was either using http or https to offer the web service to the multiple clients. If you find yourself in the same situation, then this technique might save you a bit of time.


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C# | WCF | .net 4 | Asp.net

How to allow rich text editing on summary link description field

by ZebSadiq 24. September 2010 02:26

The Summary Links control is a great way to allow content editors to add links to other content using a simple content editing method. One of the limitations of the Summary Links control is in its ability to allow rich text on the description field of an item. More...

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SharePoint 2007


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