How to shrink SQL Server 2008 Database log

by zebsadiq 27. February 2014 00:04

Recently I discovered that a post that I wrote earlier about shrinking SQL Server log files is not valid for SQL Server 2008 onwards.More...


SQL Server 2008

Weird unsolved SharePoint 2010 SSL issue vs SharePoint 2013

by zebsadiq 24. February 2014 15:35

We developed a SharePoint component that originally communicated with the twitter API over http. This component was then ported from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. Therefore the code was 90% the same in both solutions. Then twitter changed their API requirements and made https compulsory. Therefore the fix to the component was made in the SharePoint 2013 solution. This worked fine through the various testing environments. When the same change was applied to SharePoint 2010, the component did not work. Here is how I set out to investigate the issue: More...

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SharePoint 2010 | SharePoint 2013

TFS: How to force a merge between certain files or folders

by zebsadiq 5. February 2014 00:11

I encountered a weird situation where my source branch had some changes which I wanted to propagate to the target branch via merge in Team Foundation Server. However these differences were not being picked up by the merge process, resulting in no files being checked out for a merge. More...


Team Foundation Server


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