How to replicate a SharePoint web part

by zebsadiq 13. December 2010 19:27

If you need to copy a web part from one place to another, you can use the out of the box import/export functionality that SharePoint provides. A scenario where you have been asked to add a web part with specific configurations, to ten different locations, can present quite a challenge to perform manually. Here I will explain how you can do this in a more efficient manner. More...


SharePoint 2007

Custom SharePoint search site template

by ZebSadiq 7. December 2010 19:55

On nearly all of the SharePoint implementations I've participated on, there has been a requirement to customise the look and feel of the search results page. This makes sense because it would be odd from the user experience for the SharePoint look and feel to change all a sudden when the user decides to search for a keyword.
Here I will try to explain how to create a custom search site template that uses one custom search results layout for all different types of search results. More...


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