Staying Creative Part 2

by ZebSadiq 18. October 2010 19:29

Earlier this year, I planned, designed and built a custom UI for my blog. This was an exercise to test and renew my creative skills. Since the build, I have been noticing areas where my initial design lacks and design elements which can be improved.More...

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Staying Creative

by ZebSadiq 27. June 2010 01:20

For as long as I can remember, I've had a creative flair.  As a kid, I pounced at every opportunity to design and build whatever I could with the materials that were available to me. It is part of the reason why I became a software developer.  Having limited resources to build with, as a kid, is why programming appealed to me. Its was like having an unlimited amount of resources available  to you at your finger tips.More...

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