Hiding associated html elements when SharePoint field is empty

by zebsadiq 29. January 2013 08:30

This server control will help you hide html elements which shouldn’t display in ‘display mode’ if a certain SharePoint field is empty. This must be a common requirement amongst most SharePoint projects so I’m surprised that I haven’t covered this earlier as its not commonly documented elsewhere. More...

Staying Creative Part 2

by ZebSadiq 18. October 2010 19:29

Earlier this year, I planned, designed and built a custom UI for my blog. This was an exercise to test and renew my creative skills. Since the build, I have been noticing areas where my initial design lacks and design elements which can be improved.More...

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Creativity | CSS | Design

Staying Creative

by ZebSadiq 27. June 2010 01:20

For as long as I can remember, I've had a creative flair.  As a kid, I pounced at every opportunity to design and build whatever I could with the materials that were available to me. It is part of the reason why I became a software developer.  Having limited resources to build with, as a kid, is why programming appealed to me. Its was like having an unlimited amount of resources available  to you at your finger tips.More...

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SharePoint custom theme + custom master page = no result?

by ZebSadiq 6. April 2010 01:33

I came a across this issue recently when I created a new SharePoint theme. After much trial and error, it turned out that a colleague who had created a new master page, had missed out the SharePoint theme control reference that renders the link to the custom theme css file. However this took a while to work out since there was so many other possible points of failure for the theme not taking effect.

Here I've listed some steps that can be taken to pin point the source of the problem with your custom theme. Before you start, you must understand the consequences of making changes through SharePoint designer. It is an important topic to learn about before touching your SharePoint site through SharePoint designer in any case.More...

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CSS | SharePoint 2007

SharePoint 2007 Themes - Strategy for customising SharePoint look and feel

by ZebSadiq 17. February 2010 08:30

SharePoint themes are probably one of the most overlooked features of SharePoint. Many developers believe that having a custom master page that contain custom html and custom CSS eliminates the need for themes all together. However, I've recently come across scenarios that challenge such an approach to getting the look and feel required for professional looking sites using SharePoint 2007. Here I will try to illustrate my findings on this matter and hopefully help you make better informed decision about that the approach you should take in applying the look and feel required to a SharePoint site.More...


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