How to allow rich text editing on summary link description field

by ZebSadiq 24. September 2010 02:26

The Summary Links control is a great way to allow content editors to add links to other content using a simple content editing method. One of the limitations of the Summary Links control is in its ability to allow rich text on the description field of an item. More...

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SharePoint 2007

How to set the SharePoint site logo automatically

by ZebSadiq 21. September 2010 02:29

If you’re ever creating a custom site definition for SharePoint, it is likely that you would be required to attach a site logo to the site definition and are left wondering why such an obvious property does not exist in onet.xml. Recently I came across this situation and although the work around may be known amongst the community, it is not really well documented on the web (as I discovered while trying to find one). More...

How to add a standalone aspx pages to SharePoint navigation

by ZebSadiq 5. May 2010 02:10

Many SharePoint projects require migrating existing functionality and content from the client's existing  systems to a new SharePoint site.  While content migration is more straight forward, existing functionality which is usually in the shape of standalone aspx pages can be difficult to accommodate within SharePoint. Here I will try to identify the options available to achieve this. More...

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SharePoint 2007


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