AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding Encryption/Decryption in C#

by zebsadiq 1. July 2013 13:33

I’ve recently been asked to write some code to decrypt some data using C# which was originally encrypted in Java. While I managed to get this to work, I had to piece information together from many different sources on the web. Therefore I have decided to simplify the procedure for the next person who comes looking by putting this into one place. More...

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C# | Security | Encryption/Decryption

Hiding associated html elements when SharePoint field is empty

by zebsadiq 29. January 2013 08:30

This server control will help you hide html elements which shouldn’t display in ‘display mode’ if a certain SharePoint field is empty. This must be a common requirement amongst most SharePoint projects so I’m surprised that I haven’t covered this earlier as its not commonly documented elsewhere. More...

Manipulating site navigation when provisioning a site

by zebsadiq 21. November 2012 07:38

Quite often, a client wants a SharePoint site to be completely setup after deployment. Such was the case on a recent project that I worked on.

I had a custom site configuration inside a custom ONET.xml file. Which defined a set of features to be activated in a particular order. One of these features was designed to manipulate the current web’s navigation settings.More...

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C# | SharePoint 2007 | SharePoint Feature

Automatic WCF web service binding via http or https

by zebsadiq 19. May 2011 10:13

I recently needed a way to be able to deploy a web service project to different environments, where each environment was either using http or https to offer the web service to the multiple clients. If you find yourself in the same situation, then this technique might save you a bit of time.


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C# | WCF | .net 4 |

The type of namespace 'administration' could not be found

by zebsadiq 3. February 2011 13:16

Issue when you reference Microsoft.SharePoint.dll in Visual Studio 2010. If you’ve already put in the using statements like bellow:

using Microsoft.SharePoint;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration;

You issue a build and it fails and you get the following message:
’The type of namespace 'administration' could not be found’

The fix: Change the target framework to .Net Framework 3.5 (Right click the project in visual studio and go to ‘Properties’)

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C# | SharePoint 2010 | Visual Studio 2010

Silverlight Popup Positioning

by zebsadiq 28. January 2011 14:21

Recently I had to convert a few child windows into popup windows. Doing this was pretty easy. I simply changed the child windows into user controls, then added them as child controls of popups at runtime. One of the behavioural difference between the child window and pop up box is that by default, a child window opens in the middle of the Silverlight application whereas the Popup appears in the top left corner. After a bit of google-ing, I did not find an out of the box way to make the pop-ups sit in the centre of my screen. Therefore I formulated a way of doing this via code and some basic maths. More...

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C# | Silverlight

SharePoint 'Could not load type' error

by ZebSadiq 11. August 2010 22:08

Every now and then, I come across an error that seems to be so simple, yet after trying all the obvious remedies, I'm left the wonder whether the resulting error is unsolvable by some form a memory loss in my head, or something bizarre built into the third party system which I'm trying to wrestle.

Recently I came across such a situation and I spent a bit of time trying to figure it out until a colleague told me something about SharePoint that I didn't know.More...

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C# | SharePoint 2007


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