SharePoint 2010 custom alert template

by zebsadiq 27. November 2011 18:14

Having gone through the experience of adding a custom alerts template to SharePoint 2010, I thought I’d share my learning during this process. This is the first part of two posts regarding custom alert templates. Updating existing alert subscriptions in SharePoint 2010 describes the challenges around updating existing alert subscriptions. In this post, I hope to cover what you need to know to create a custom alert template. More...

The type of namespace 'administration' could not be found

by zebsadiq 3. February 2011 13:16

Issue when you reference Microsoft.SharePoint.dll in Visual Studio 2010. If you’ve already put in the using statements like bellow:

using Microsoft.SharePoint;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration;

You issue a build and it fails and you get the following message:
’The type of namespace 'administration' could not be found’

The fix: Change the target framework to .Net Framework 3.5 (Right click the project in visual studio and go to ‘Properties’)

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C# | SharePoint 2010 | Visual Studio 2010


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