Azure: Best way to upload large installer files to Virtual Machines

by zebsadiq 27. January 2014 15:34

I recently needed to move some large installer files onto a virtual machine on my Azure subscription. Rather than following the trend, I thought I would try of my own concepts and succeeded in finding a good technique. More...

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Azure | Cloud | PowerShell

Updating existing alert subscriptions in SharePoint 2010

by zebsadiq 13. January 2012 11:43

One of the annoyances about SharePoint alerts seems to be that the functionality of an alert template and existing subscriptions on an existing list, seem to be disjointed. When you update an alert template property for an existing list, the change is not applied to any existing alert subscriptions on that list. As a follow up to my previous post SharePoint 2010 custom alert template, I will try to describe the limitations and issues surround existing alert subscriptions and the options available to work around them. More...

SharePoint 2010 custom alert template

by zebsadiq 27. November 2011 18:14

Having gone through the experience of adding a custom alerts template to SharePoint 2010, I thought I’d share my learning during this process. This is the first part of two posts regarding custom alert templates. Updating existing alert subscriptions in SharePoint 2010 describes the challenges around updating existing alert subscriptions. In this post, I hope to cover what you need to know to create a custom alert template. More...


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