SharePoint 2013: How to get the site collection URL in JavaScript

by zebsadiq 4. May 2015 12:11

I often need to obtain the current site collection URL. Here is my little trick for doing so without loading SharePoint objects through the client context. More...

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Cloud | JavaScript | SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013: force a document link to download

by zebsadiq 1. April 2015 17:36

Forcing a link to download in this day in age should be an easy task. It is, until you have to make it cross browser compliant and have to cater for pre-HTML5 browsers. More...

How to reset SharePoint search filters for a query group

by zebsadiq 17. March 2015 15:27

There doesn’t seem to be any out of the box way of resetting SharePoint search filters by JavaScript. This is why I created the following method in order to achieve this. More...

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SharePoint 2013 | JavaScript | Cloud

Limitations of SharePoint 2013 variations

by zebsadiq 9. March 2015 21:52

While working on a SharePoint 2013 project, I have had the requirement to fulfil a multi-language requirement. In trying to work up a solution to this requirement, I have been looking at the functionality offered by variations during which I have discovered a few limitations. More...

Azure: Spending limit not currently available on pay as you go

by zebsadiq 31. January 2014 21:19

After trying to find a definitive answer to how to set spending limits in Azure, I finally found the answer that the spending limit feature of azure is not currently available if you have a pay as you go account. More...

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Azure | Cloud

Azure: Best way to upload large installer files to Virtual Machines

by zebsadiq 27. January 2014 15:34

I recently needed to move some large installer files onto a virtual machine on my Azure subscription. Rather than following the trend, I thought I would try of my own concepts and succeeded in finding a good technique. More...

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Azure | Cloud | PowerShell


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