SharePoint 2010 custom alert template

by zebsadiq 27. November 2011 18:14

Having gone through the experience of adding a custom alerts template to SharePoint 2010, I thought I’d share my learning during this process. This is the first part of two posts regarding custom alert templates. Updating existing alert subscriptions in SharePoint 2010 describes the challenges around updating existing alert subscriptions. In this post, I hope to cover what you need to know to create a custom alert template. More...

Silverlight Popup Positioning

by zebsadiq 28. January 2011 14:21

Recently I had to convert a few child windows into popup windows. Doing this was pretty easy. I simply changed the child windows into user controls, then added them as child controls of popups at runtime. One of the behavioural difference between the child window and pop up box is that by default, a child window opens in the middle of the Silverlight application whereas the Popup appears in the top left corner. After a bit of google-ing, I did not find an out of the box way to make the pop-ups sit in the centre of my screen. Therefore I formulated a way of doing this via code and some basic maths. More...

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C# | Silverlight

Custom SharePoint search site template

by ZebSadiq 7. December 2010 19:55

On nearly all of the SharePoint implementations I've participated on, there has been a requirement to customise the look and feel of the search results page. This makes sense because it would be odd from the user experience for the SharePoint look and feel to change all a sudden when the user decides to search for a keyword.
Here I will try to explain how to create a custom search site template that uses one custom search results layout for all different types of search results. More...

Staying Creative Part 2

by ZebSadiq 18. October 2010 19:29

Earlier this year, I planned, designed and built a custom UI for my blog. This was an exercise to test and renew my creative skills. Since the build, I have been noticing areas where my initial design lacks and design elements which can be improved.More...

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Creativity | CSS | Design

Staying Creative

by ZebSadiq 27. June 2010 01:20

For as long as I can remember, I've had a creative flair.  As a kid, I pounced at every opportunity to design and build whatever I could with the materials that were available to me. It is part of the reason why I became a software developer.  Having limited resources to build with, as a kid, is why programming appealed to me. Its was like having an unlimited amount of resources available  to you at your finger tips.More...

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CSS | Creativity | Design


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