SharePoint 2010 Beta installation run through

by ZebSadiq 23. April 2010 22:57

Following on from my previous post about SharePoint 2007 installation process, I thought it would  be a good idea to write about the SharePoint 2010 beta installation. The good news is that on Server 2008 R2, the installations is much smoother than before. Microsoft does claim to have put in more time and effort on this product and it is really starting to show. Remember that this installation guide is for SharePoint 2010 BETA and therefore may be different to the release version. More...

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Server 2008 | SharePoint 2010

How to pop up login dialog box or redirect to login page depending on the authentication mode of the SharePoint site

by ZebSadiq 8. April 2010 01:38

In some cases, one of the requirements of a SharePoint project is to provide two versions of the same SharePoint site. One with 'forms' authentication where the users information is stored in a database and the other with 'windows' authentication where the user is authenticated via the active directory.  Though its easy to deal with each of these scenarios by writing separate pieces of code, it is not going to as quick as using the out of the box functionality provided by SharePoint 2007.More...

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Authentication | SharePoint 2007

SharePoint custom theme + custom master page = no result?

by ZebSadiq 6. April 2010 01:33

I came a across this issue recently when I created a new SharePoint theme. After much trial and error, it turned out that a colleague who had created a new master page, had missed out the SharePoint theme control reference that renders the link to the custom theme css file. However this took a while to work out since there was so many other possible points of failure for the theme not taking effect.

Here I've listed some steps that can be taken to pin point the source of the problem with your custom theme. Before you start, you must understand the consequences of making changes through SharePoint designer. It is an important topic to learn about before touching your SharePoint site through SharePoint designer in any case.More...

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CSS | SharePoint 2007


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